Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to make a booking

Firstly, please check Rate & Package First, Make sure u check and read carefully, Our price is based on package not based on girl. If u understand now go to gallery pictures based on your area. If u decide to make a deal you need to send your booking details first and then SMS to agent.

How long it take for BookingGirlOnline girls to arrive?

It will take around 30 minutes if you are in (town centre) and around 50 minutes if you are out of town. Please note that the time indicated is based on the estimated time and allow us for longer time as we have no control over traffic situation.

Do I need to pay additional?

Not at all because what you pay is what you get and we have no intention of taking your money without providing quality Call Girl Service. Our escort girls offer their time and companionship for your business or leisure engagements.

Are the rates allowed to negotiate?

Not at all. Rest assured that our rates are in fact extremely competitive considering the high quality of our ladies.

Can I see more pictures of the girl? I cant see their faces at all, and how I can make a decision?

What you can see on our website, but that’s all we can share with you, the pictures on the website are 100% natural. Please just respect their privacy & trust us. In our company, we provide premium service to all our customers.

Do I need to inform for any special requirement or additional expectation?

Yes. Any of your fantasies, special needs, functions (wedding, lunch, dinner or party), dress code & matters to be noted must be informed along with the booking confirmation. Our call girl service are all well trained to accompany you for various activities such as social or business settings. Please check details of our model page for the escort that suits you the best.

What quality do I expect to get?

You will be getting nothing but the best. Not only do our call girl service fit into your society and your need for private companionship, they are also the local quality models who can carry themselves well.

Are your escort girls accepted gifts or tips?

they are ladies who like to be wined and dined and want to be treated nicely. Hence we have no problem with any gifts or tips. These are not compulsory and even if you don’t give any of these, rest assured that our girls will still provide the good quality service which our agency is proud of.

May i know where your location?

We will send you the full address once the booking has been confirmed.

Can I pay direct to the girl when I met her?

For new customers who deal with us for the first time, a deposit is required to be made. we have to confirm every customer that we are dealing with for the first time. For the second time booking no deposit will be required.

I am a foreigner and I do not have a bank account in Malaysia, how can I make a deposit?

To make a deposit you can make a deposit at any Public Bank branch nearby. you can make a cash deposit machine with no account required. you just need to enter the account number and cash into the machine.

Can i walk out or have fun with the girls during the time of service?

Yes, of course you can do that. you have the right, during the time of service. you do not need to ask permission to the girl if you want to go anywhere with her.

This is new to me, how does it work?

It is simple and easy. Our girls work for you or for a party. They are strippers, but because they are working in a more intimate environment, there is a lot more fun. Things are usually a little different if there is more than one person, but that is not always the case. The dances and games are fun and intimate and tipping is encouraged to make the most fun out of everything. There is no reason not to make a whole night of it and to have a very good time.

The process starts with your contact. You can either call or use the internet. It is expected that you have a girl picked out and they are all different. If do not have to choose, we can choose for you, but the process is best when you know what it is that you want. There is nothing to be shy about and questions are encouraged. If you want to know something, then come right out and ask. We have been in this business for a very long time and we have heard it all.

The best course of action is not to be shy. We are not shy and our girls are not shy. If they were, then they would be doing something else for a living. They are professionals and take most of their cues from you and what you ask. If you do not give any insight into what it is that you want, they will still make the night fun, but they are guessing at a lot of things. Not to worry, most shy guys perk up after a few minutes and start joining in the fun.

Is this a safe thing to do?

We want to keep our girls safe and we want you to be safe. We will not put our employees, that means our girls or any of our staff into harms way. That being said, the same is true for you. We do this to keep you safe also. Despite what some profiles may say, we have fully checked and rechecked every girl before we put you alone with them. You are as safe with them as with any other woman and you are going to be fine.

if I choose incall package, what kind of hotel that I can expect?

The first thing we do is special emphasis on safety, and convenience, we are concerned about the safety and comfort of you and our girl. Therefore we are always sensitive to such things. We want you to enjoy the fun when you are with us girl. Of course we will provide a good place in terms of safety and comfort.

Is this legit or is scam?

Our agency is one that can be trusted and we really legitimate and no fraud will occur.

When should I make a reservation?

You can make reservations at any time you want. It all depends on your time. We are open 24/7 and are ready to serve you.

I want to make a reservation, do I should make early reservations the day before?

If you can confirm in advance that it is easier for you and us. Girl you choose will always be available to you. We also do not have a problem if you make reservations at the last minute. We had no problems at all.

I want to reserve girl where the girl is not in my area, can I would like to book a girl who is not in my area?

Yes of course you can. Additional charges may apply to your travel costs, charges by region to region. You can get in touch with our agent to get information about additional charges.

you provide delivery service or not? if so how much will be charged?

Yes we provide. Our people will send and take a girl without any charges, subject to the terms and conditions.

I live in flats. Is it okay?

We do not encourage you if your home area open and many residents. For your safety and our girls, as we know about the flat is not suitable for this kind of thing. neighbors might see you with a girl who is not known to enter your home, it will be suspicious of your neighbors, we can not prevent you to do so, but in terms of safety it may be risky. in the event of any untoward things you and the girl are in place for the purpose, then you will be responsible, if you want, we suggest you choose the package that we provide incall or you can book any hotel nearby,

Can I ask the girls came dressed as I want?

Yes of course. But it depends on your demands and situations. Your request may or may not be accepted, it must be based on a definite cause. request to wear uniform or a sexy and matching may be accepted. but if a request involving dignity will not be tolerated.

I made a reservation just to accompany me to a formal occasion or party, no sex, is it possible?

It is up to you. Whether you have sex or not remains subject to the same charges. no discounts given.

I would like to book more than one girl. Is there a discount from you?

If you book more than 3 girls, discount or excess time will be given.

Pictures shown on the website is 100% real?

Yes. 100% the same. what you see is what you get.

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